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--- Jeremy Holman & Matt Salgado ---

Geek Out Freak Out aka GOFO is a weekly podcast here to cater to your inner geek. Listen as we talk about what made us geek out this week and what we look forward to geeking out in the future!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Rage with the Cage Finale

    It’s a Fourth of July miracle! The geeks are back after almost 3 weeks away. We come back to talk all the things that made us geek since then. We cover episodes 3 and 4 of Loki, round out our Rage with the Cage finale, and talk more geekiness ...


  2. Rage with the Cage Week 3

    We're back with another week of Rage with the Cage, and yeah. We know we're late, but hot dang we come in strong with a week loaded with news and Loki recaps! Haven't watched Loki and don't want spoilers? Then don't listen to this episode just yet. And as always, ...


  3. Rage with the Cage Week 2

    We're back for another insane week with Nic Cage. That's right we're back for more suffering. This week we watched The Wickerman and Mandy to decide which movie Nic Caged the hardest. This show is shorter than our previous episodes, but only because we went live on Twitch with figure ...


  4. Rage with the Cage Week 1

    We kick off the first week of Raging With the Cage with our first two movies. First up, Con Air vs. Color Out of Space. We go back and forth on which movie Nic Caged the hardest. Remember, it’s not the quality of the movie, but the quality of the ...


  5. Jeremy Finishes the Studio

    The geeks are back after an impromptu week off to catch up on all the things you may of missed if you live under a rock. Like seriously, did you miss us? Anyway, we talk about the latest news, trailers, and what we’re watching/reading in this one. Also prepare your ...